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Electrically driven reel tilter - Type EWV

IWE Spulen und Handling GmbH
High quality steel reels and handling systems

Our experience - your profit

For over 70 years now the company IWE has been developing and manufacturing
precision reels and innovative reel handling equipment for the cable and wire industry
at its location in Neustadt near Coburg (Germany).

IWE develops complete solutions for all cases of application in close cooperation with the leading
companies of drawing, cable and stranding machines.

Please profit from our longtime experience in reel production and choose from our extensive range
of standardized reel and handling systems We also offer special reel designs
and constructions customized for your specific requirements.

Don´t hesitate to contact us directly or consult one of our
worldwide operating distributors.

IWE Spulen und Handling GmbH

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Steel reel Type ATTS ATTSKON
Shipping reel Type ATV

Quality made in Germany

Quality made in Germany

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IWE Spulen und Handling GmbH - Logo