Special reel type ATTS

Sonderspule Typ ATTS/ATTSKON

Take-apart process reel with collapsible barrel –
for extra high load
Type ATTS: with cylindrical core
Type ATTSKON: with conical core

  • Flange Ø from 630 to 1400 mm, special sizes available
  • Double wall flange design
  • Particularly for thin steel wire and non-ferrous metals
  • Cylindrical or conical barrel design
  • For use in high speed machines, available in every process quality - for every drawing speed
  • Easily and quickly assembled and disassembled
  • Delivered with complete technical documentation
  • Considerable diameter reduction when barrel collapses for easy withdrawal of coil
  • Flanges are slotted to introduce straps for tying the coil
  • Reproducible tolerances after assembly and disassembly
  • Features:
    • Dynamically balancing
    • Hubs, hardened 40 HRC
    • Clamping device for wire end
    • Painting of the outer flanges

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